women in yoga attire on mats at a fitness class

6 Workout Tips to Make Exercising Easier

Get fit in style in a new apartment home at Kensington Place in East Brunswick, NJ.

Working out is one of those things that we all need to do, but is just sometimes hard to get to regularly. At Kensington Place, we have the full complement of workout equipment in our fitness center, including cardio, as well as weight machines and flexible space for practices like yoga. So, beyond making it convenient, here are a few tips for keeping your exercise regimen regular.

#1. Do something you like

You can’t count on doing something regularly if you hate it. The dread will make you skip it once, then again and again until you skip it altogether. Find a way to enjoy your workouts (maybe listen to audio books or podcasts, or watch some TV on the personal screens on our equipment) and you’ll be more likely to keep them.

#2. Go hard

The harder your workout, the more effective it will be and the shorter intervals you will have to go. That means a half hour hard cardio workout is better than an hour of easygoing cardio. Shorter stints may make it more likely you’ll find the time to train.

#3. Change it up

Keep your mind and body interested and challenged by switching your workout up a bit. We have plenty of different machines and types of workout stations at our fitness center, including treadmills, cycles, ellipticals, weights and flexible spaces for yoga and stretching.

#4. Take rest days seriously

Enough said. Luckily, at Kensington Place, we have ample amenity spaces where you can relax and rejuvenate on your off days.

#5. Don’t just make big goals, make small ones, too

Of course, we have the big goals – lose 20 pounds, run a five-minute mile, bench press 250 pounds – but these things take time and patience. Keep your motivation up by giving yourself short-term goals that you can reach on your way to the larger milestones.

#6. Reward yourself

If you’re a resident of Kensington Place, you can check this one off the list; you’ve rewarded yourself with a great place to live already! (Just kidding…kind of.) But you should reward yourself for meeting your small goals to keep the drive alive and to keep yourself motivated to continue on a path of fitness.

So, get fit in style in a new apartment home at Kensington Place in East Brunswick, NJ. It’s so close to Philadelphia and New York City you’ll have plenty of places to show off that fit bod. Come take a tour and see all that Kensington Place offers. You might have just found your new home.

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