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Embrace high-end apartment living in East Brunswick, NJ.

At Kensington Place, centrally located in East Brunswick, NJ, you’re at the heart of a vibrant community with access to the best of the region, including Newark and New York City, both an hour or less away. From comfortable and stylish apartments to resort-style amenities, Kensington place provides you an enviable residence with everything you could want to live a lavish lifestyle without ever needing to leave your home.

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Stylish and Comfortable

From interiors that inspire upscale living to common areas that are anything but common, Kensington Place will feel right in every way.

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Central and Connected

A hub of activity, our location offers top-rated East Brunswick Public Schools, several shopping malls, major retailers, gyms, supermarkets, movie theaters and the everyday services that make day-to-day life convenient.